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Have wonderful week!

Busy labor day. Humans no post. So Timmy post selfie.


A Special Treat

This week we have a very special interview with worlds renowned paladin Ris Darkcrusher.

UPDATE: The following transcript is presented to the best of our ability based on eye witness accounts.

Saedreth: You sure this is the right place?

Frerin: He said to meet him by the well.

Saedreth: We’ve been waiting for almost an hour. Aren’t paladins punctual?

Frerin: I don’t know. Do you think that…

Saedreth: Quiet! Do you here something?

Frerin: Sounds like it’s coming from the well.

Saedreth: I’ll check it out. Hold my notes….. um…. I… uh..

Frerin: What did you find?

Saedreth: What does a troll look like?

Frerin: What?! Let me see. Ooh….

Troll: What you mans doing up there?

Saedreth: Um, well… we are waiting to do an interview.

Troll: What interview is?

Frerin: Well, an interview is when we ask questions about someone’s life.

Troll: You interview Timmy?

Frerin: Timmy? Who’s Timmy?

Troll: Me Timmy.

Saedreth: You gotta be kidding me.

Frerin: Actually, we are waiting for a paladin named Ris Darkcrusher.

Timmy: Chewy guy with hammer?

Frerin: …

Saedreth: …

Timmy: Why you stare at Timmy? Chewy man stared at Timmy too…

Frerin: I think we will be going now.

Saedreth and Frerin will be back to blogging after a short recovery.