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Customization, Part III: Home Base

Home bases have always been very populare in every RPG my usual group has played. These bases can take several shapes: spaceships, ranch homes, small cottages, steam boats, or even the spare room in a friendly beekeepers house.

Home bases have always seemed like a great way for players to customize the game world through thier characters. If you’re having trouble bringing your players and thier characters into your world I suggest giving them a base of opperations, even if they’ll only have it for a few weeks.

Additionally, I’d say a good idea would be to give the players a flawed home base. If you give the players a room, maybe it has no curtains or lock on the front door. If it’s a spaceship, maybe it has mechanical issues, no guns, and a room which isn’t airtight. This will encourage players to either set thier characters to work modifying the base, or accept the circumstances and improvise as needed. This is what we did in the ranch home base, where all of our bullet holes were patched up on the kitchen table.

A base is an exellent way to encourage game play though customization, but there are more ways to do this, which will be coming in the fourth and final installation in this series…


Unexpected tidings.

Hello everyone. I had recently begun a review series on Cubicle 7’s Adventures in Middle Earth. This last weekend C7 announced they had lost the license and would no longer be printing this RPG.

I highly recommend this RPG, however it is going to be unavailable very soon. As such, I think it would be wrong to dedicate time to promoting a product my readers can not obtain

As a result, I will not be finishing the series at this time and will be moving on to other games and general gaming articles.

I hope everyone had a great holiday last week!